Llamaverse is a club and community for NFT investors.

We are determined to provide our holders with both valuable utility and education to help them thrive in the NFT space as it evolves. We also intend to connect to other communities to help bring some of our benefits to other projects in the space.



The beginning of the Llama's journey into the Metaverse, as they travel through space and time.


The end of filling out Dyno forms is near! Llamaverse’s ever-evolving dashboard will be your one-stop-spot for all things Llamaverse, and will allow you to seamlessly keep track of your $SPIT, enter giveaways, and stay up-to-date with relevant information.

Staking Your Llama

Staking of Llamas and Boosts commences, rewarding holders daily. Members will be able to view their staked Llama within the dashboard. All staked Llamas are held in a staking wallet.

$SPIT Token

Llamaverse's core utility token launches with daily yields for staked Llamas. 1 $SPIT = 1 $SPIT.

NFT Worlds

The Llamaverse takes its first steps in the exciting NFTWorlds metaverse, exploring a brand new land full of mysteries and treasures waiting to be discovered.

Pixelverse Integration

Our bold Llamas cross into the ever-changing Pixelverse, encountering all sorts of new friends and challenges.

Expand Utility

We will delve deeper into the space seeking and exploring more potential utility while building upon existing.

Exclusive Tools

In addition to Llama holders’ current access to Antirug & Apechef’s tools, the team will continuously explore innovative tools and analytical resources that will allow our holders to keep up with the dynamic market and the challenges it often presents.

SPIT Buddies

Gone are the days of isolation and walls between communities! Our dynamic Spit Buddies are here to break down these walls and connect the Llamas with friends across the Metaverse.


SPIT Buddies

With the launch of our Spit Buddies, we will seek out cross-community collaborations. This will enable us to broaden our horizons alongside our partnered communities and allow both of our holders to easily integrate within both of our communities.

SPIT Token

Our $SPIT token will be at the core of the whole ecosystem. In the near future, our entire collection (including all of our utilities) will be closely tied to $SPIT and will allow you take advantage of our ecosystem and opportunities.

Access to Tools

Current and future holders of Llamaverse will be granted access to both Antirug and ApeChef’s current and future tools which offer a range of utility from rarity tools to auto bidders and analytical tools to track the overall market. This will cost nothing for holders.

SPIT Marketplace

Moving forward, Llamaverse holders will have access to a marketplace which will provide a number of items up for purchase using $SPIT, from WL opportunities to a range of items in other ecosystems such as the Pixlverse.


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